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How can Primus Super Speciality Hospital be helpful against Infertility?

It’s said that the true worth of a woman’s life is fulfilled when she achieves the motherhood. However, there are certain unfortunate couples not blessed enough to become proud parents. It’s even unfortunate that the number of fertility issues is growing in contemporary times. As per research conducted by Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction, around 15 % of couples in India are victims of infertility issues. The percentage is growing even more in urban areas. One among five couples in such areas has been found to deal with fertility issues for some of the different reasons. Disordered lifestyle, growing pollution, etc. are among the few reasons apart from the biological reasons. Regrettably, many of these couples don’t become parents ever in life due to infertility.

A married couple yearns for its own child once the initial years of married life are over. Life becomes all about the child after a certain age; happiness and sorrow all depend upon them. Many couples who are not able to conceive, feel guilty and even suffer from depression. There life feels like a hollow life as they are not able to continue with their next generation. They start fearing about  loneliness in future. In fact, social pressure is equally evident as well, even in today’s date.

Reasons for Infertility

The age at which someone is expected to reproduce is the most crucial phase of life. It’s the age when one has to take many important decisions, responsibilities, etc. Also, there remains the self-created pressure of fulfilling the ambitions. All these factors result in growing stress in the concerned person’s mind. Stress is one of the prominent factors behind all sorts of hormonal imbalance leading to infertility.

Given below are some of the prime biological reasons associated with infertility.

  • A disordered lifestyle involving diet with less nutritional value, growing pollution, habits of smoking, alcohol, and lack of workouts or physical exercises are among the prominent reasons behind growing threats of infertility.
  • Disordered hormonal secretion.
  • Issues associated with Ovulation.
  • The lower density of sperm.
  • Low-quality sperm.
  • Obstructions in Fallopian tubes.
  • Endometriosis or the disorder in which the important tissues grow outside the uterus.
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).
  • Apart from all these, some genetic issues also cause infertility, along with some unexplained reasons.

Treatments for infertility

Infertility certainly can be treated. One or many of the following treatment methods can be tried for the treatment of infertility.

  • Treatments through Artificial Insemination (IUI).
  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) methods.
  • Obtaining child through Surrogacy.
  • Surgical methods.
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) methods.
  • Donor insemination (DI) methods.
  • Egg (or embryo) donation.

Apart from the above treatments, the couples are also recommended for various psychological treatments as well. Also, balanced lifestyle, including proper diet, sleep, and avoiding stress can also improve things. Above all, they should practice “Yoga” regularly.

Which Yoga is good for Fertility?

There is specific yoga poses popularly referred as “Fertility Yoga” those help infertility conditions. The best part, Yoga improves, physically, as well as mentally or psychologically as well.

Good effects on the physical body

People with fertility issues are recommended to do poses mostly based on pelvic regions and hips. It helps in making the tight muscles relaxed, treating the scar tissues, etc., those affect blood flow to reproductive organs.

Mulabandha, Sarvangasana,and Viparita Karani are highly recommended yoga poses, along with various pelvic and hip exercises. Hatha Yoga is also incredible.

Effects on mind

Doing Pranayam along physical yoga exercises can correct the emotional imbalances well. Pranayams like Ujayi, Bhramri, Savasana, calms down the mind and enhances pelvic and other internal organs.

How can yoga be helpful?

Enhancing the immune system of the body

Yoga can significantly improve immunity by enhancing the inner peace and improving the white cell counts in the body. The improved immune system naturally helps in improving fertility.

Reducing stress level

Yoga is the perfect recommendation for reducing stress and developing tranquillity in mind. Pranayam and Meditation minimize stress hormones like Cortisol. Reduced stress gives better sleep and makes the person emotionally strong.

Strengthening Ovary

Yoga helps in improving blood flow rate to the ovaries. Thus, more oxygen is supplied to these organs. Ovarian issues are prime reasons behind female infertility.

Correcting hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is one of the prominent reasons behind infertility. A person is obvious to get affected physically and psychologically due to hormonal imbalance. As a result, the possibility of conceiving also gets lower. Therefore, practicing yoga is highly recommended to correct these issues and help in conceiving.

Filtering toxic agents from the body

Yoga can be very much helpful regarding detoxifying the body, by rejuvenating the muscles and tissues that automatically boosts fertility.

Enhancing blood flow

Blockage in the reproductive organ is one of the foremost reasons behind infertility. Yoga checks these issues through improved blood circulation to reproductive organs.


Giving birth to a Child is considered the biggest bliss in the life of a mother. Living a life without child or not getting a child due to infertility can be physically as well as psychologically disturbing. However, such people are recommended to try fertility yoga along with other treatments for quicker results. Fertility yoga improves the state of reproductive organs, and also makes the person stronger emotionally. Moreover, one can feel the significant positive energy within and at the reproductive organ through consistent practice. Chances of conceiving grow encouragingly within few days of Yoga practice.

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