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Knee Replacement-Background, causes and from where to get it done.

The knee is the largest joint in the human body and to perform day to day activities, having a healthy knee is a must. If a knee is worn out due to aging or gets damaged due to accident/fracture, then depending upon the patient’s case a prescribed medication is recommended or a surgery in form of knee replacement is advised. A bad knee can disrupt a normal life as a patient faces difficulties in basic movements and it is immensely painful and intense.

Knee replacement is one of the common most joint replacement surgeries, better known as knee arthroplasty. In this process, the damaged knee joints are replaced via a surgical procedure and the pain/disability is cured. The surgery can be performed either as a partial or a total knee replacement, depending upon how critical is the patient’s condition. The surgery involves the replacement of the diseased joint surfaces with metallic or plastic alternatives, which eventually allows smooth movement and normal motion of the patient’s knee.

Why a knee replacement surgery is needed?

First and foremost, this surgery is recommended when the patient is suffering from diseases like acute osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and post traumatic arthritis, which dries up the cartilage and causes potential damage to the patient’s knee cap. These are a degenerative disease which gradually damages the knee joints and hence requires the knee replacement surgery. In extreme cases it also may require resurfacing of thigh and leg bones, affected by this disease. In these kind of cases, the specialist doctors restructures the damaged area by conjoining artificial and original parts to create new bones and an all new knee cap.

Best Hospital recommended for this surgery?

Primus Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi is the most recommended hospital for total knee replacement and the main reason is Prof Surya Bhan (HOD) the former chief of emergency services AIIMS. Dr Bhan holds more than 35 years of experience in training and teaching orthopedic surgeons and has performed more than 20 thousand joint replacement surgeries. This living legend is immensely popular worldwide and has performed orthopedic treatment to the president, vice president and three former prime ministers of India. He introduced India’s first dedicated fresh frozen bone bank in AIIMS and the similar bank he introduced in Primus Super Specialty Hospital. He has been published in more than 50 international publications and more than 100 domestic ones. Dr Bhan is the president of Orthopedic Research Society and an active member of American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons, Indian Orthopedic Association, Indian Society of Biomechanics, Indian Society of Hip and Knee Surgeons, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Other than veteran Prof Surya Bhan, Primus Super Specialty hospital has a dedicated team of specialists and uses the latest trends and techniques at a cost-effective price. The cost of knee replacement surgery compared to the US, the UK, and other western countries is very low in India and that is the reason, patients from all over the world, prefer to get it done from India. Primus Super Specialty Hospital is located in the area of Chanakyapuri in New Delhi and many foreign embassies are around the hospital which makes it a top choice for international patients from all over the world.

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