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6 ways to Improve your Respiratory Health

Respiration is the process of breathing in and out, the primary function that keeps you alive. Since it happens naturally, people tend to take it for granted and do not take care of their respiratory health at all. Neglecting respiratory health can take a toll on the lungs and lead to life threatening conditions. If you see yourself panting badly after taking a flight of stairs or doing some light activity even, then it is a sign that your respiratory health is not good. If you are losing breath too soon doing any kind of activity you must seriously take steps to improve your respiratory health.

Taking these necessary measures can improve the health of your respiratory system:-

Quit smoking

The first and foremost step towards living a healthy life and securing the health of your respiratory system is to quit smoking. You cannot expect yourself to not suffer from respiratory diseases if you do not cut down on the deadly habit of smoking soon. Smoking cigarettes daily increase the risk of death due to cardiovascular diseases. Smoking is also responsible for lung cancer and bronchitis related deaths. There is no other way to prevent these situations other than cutting down on smoking completely. If you are a chain smoker, it may be difficult to stop at once but gradually you can achieve the target of having to depend on cigarettes at all.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Another good way to take care of your cardiovascular health is to practice some sort of cardiovascular exercise every day. Engaging in activities like jogging, running, aerobics, bicycling, swimming, tennis or kickboxing helps to keep your heart and lungs active. It strengthens the heart as well as the respiratory system and keeps them healthy. You can also try zumba classes or dance to exercise daily in a fun way.


Yoga improves total body functioning and strengthens our organs and systems. Since it involves deep breathing exercises, it is vital for respiratory health and can improve it drastically. Regular yoga can help you to strengthen your lungs.

Maintain a proper diet

A proper diet is necessary to keep all the bodily systems in good health. Fruits and vegetables can never go wrong with any diet and thus naturally, you need to have loads of them to keep your respiratory system healthy too. They contain antioxidants to prevent any sorts of infections that affect the respiratory system. Drinking herbal green tea is also a good way to load your body with catechins to fight all sorts of respiratory diseases and infections. Having omega-3 fatty acid rich fish and lean meat can also help to improve the functioning of the respiratory system.

Stay hydrated

Drinking water is as important for the functioning of any system as the lungs. You must take care to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water every day as it helps to keep the mucosal lining thinner. The thinner the mucosal lining in the lungs, the better it functions.

Join a breathing and laughing club

It is actually a healthy step in life to join a breathing club or a laughing club for the sake of your lungs. These groups are meant for people with lung problems and have a good effect on the cardiovascular health. Deep breathing and other breathing techniques and laughing loud increase the lung capacity. They also keep the lungs clear by forcing out stale air out of the lungs and forces the lungs to take in fresh air. If you have problems in engaging in physical activity, these laughing clubs or breathing clubs can help you out in a good way to take care of your respiratory health.


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