24x7 Emergency : 8700087000
24x7 Emergency : 8700087000

24hrs Emergency Services


24 hrs Emergency services

At PRIMUS Super Speciality Hospital, emergency handling has been exclusively programmed to avoid wastage of time. Separate entrance for emergency patients, outpatients and inpatients avoids crowd and resultant confusion. The “24 hours PRIMUS Emergency Services” includes fully equipped Resuscitation Room with ventilators, central venous catheters, defibrillators, Radiology Department equipped to handle all emergencies, special ICU with four world class operation theatres with the most modern equipment.

The moment an accident or trauma patient arrives, he/she is rushed to the Resuscitation Room. Once the patient is stabilized, he/she is taken to the adjacent wash room for removal of all traces of dirt and infection and subsequently brought back to the Resuscitation Room for examination, diagnosis and treatment. Depending on the degree of injury sustained, action is taken without any loss of time. A patient with minor injuries is moved to the suture room; once that requires careful monitoring is moved to the ICU and those in need of critical surgeries are shifted to the fully equipped Emergency Operation Theatre for immediate treatment.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

PRIMUS boasts of 18 bedded fully equipped ICU with each bed having advanced invasive and non-invasive monitoring with a six bedded HDU (high dependency unit) attached to ICU. The ICU has the facility of central monitoring situated at nurses work station.

The ICU is equipped with advanced ventilators (Nellcor Puritan Bennett) to ventilate critically ill patients (adult as well as paediatric patients), Defibrillators, Central Oxygen supply, central suction, resuscitation equipments, motorized multiposition beds, air mattresses (to prevent bed sores in bed ridden patients), bedside echocardiography and life saving and emergency drugs.

The ICU is looked after by a qualified and dedicated team of anesthesiologists and intesivists who provide round the clock care to the patients with a human touch. Team of specialists support includes cardiologists, nephrologists, urologist, neurologist and neurosurgeon present on call, should the need arise. World class nursing care is provided by a team of well qualified and trained nurses and other paramedical staff.

 24 Hrs Ambulance Service 

Primus provides 24 Hrs Ambulances that are well equipped and manned by trained personnel Ambulances services are provided by Falk. The ambulance is a basic life support type.
Effective communication system between the central control room, ambulances and the emergency facilities in the hospitals.

24 Hrs Pharmacy

Primus Super Speciality Has a 24 hrs pharmacy running. The pharmacy is situated in the OPD Section right at the main entry of the of the hospital , with the sole aim, of easy accessibility to the patients , Visitors etc. 
The pharmacy is equipped with mainly equipped with all types of medicines and pharmaceutical drugs.