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Our expertise lets us offer heart bypass surgery to more people with coronary artery disease.

You’ll find some of the best heart doctors in India at Primus. Our cardiologists, heart specialists, and heart surgeons have advanced training in heart disease, conduct research, and use a team approach to manage and treat your heart condition. Their collective experience in treating thousands of people with heart disease ensures you receive the best care.

Treatments and Surgical Options

Medical care is essential once heart disease is diagnosed, with the goals of stabilizing the condition immediately, controlling symptoms over the long term, and providing a cure when possible.

Valve Replacement

The need for heart valve repair or replacement surgery may arise when valves are damaged or diseased and do not work well.

Valve Opening

Valve Stenosis occurs when a valve doesn’t open fully. The valve may have become hardened or stiff with calcium deposits or scarring. Some reasons why heart valves become narrow and stiff include infection (such as rheumatic fever) and aging. Stiffening or narrowing of valve(s).

Repairing or replacing valves through Catheter procedures (Non-Surgical)

In this procedure, a thin tube (catheter) is inserted into a blood vessel (in the groin or arm) and is threaded to the heart guided by imaging techniques. The catheter enables the interventionalist to have a better view of the inside on a video monitor and conduct the procedure.

Open-heart surgery

When the condition can’t be managed solely by medications, an open-heart surgery might be recommended. This surgery is carried out under the influence of general anaesthesia and requires the use of a heart-lung machine to substitute the essential functions of the heart and the lungs during the surgery. A small cut is placed between the child’s ribs to reach his heart or the damaged valve and the defect is repaired using stitches or clips. In cases where heart valves are severely damaged, the damaged valves may be replaced by artificial valves (made from animal valves or human valves taken from donors).

The duration largely depends upon the number of valves to be replaced or repaired. Minimally Invasive Cathartic procedures (Non-Surgical) have a shorter recovery time than surgery. They are often preferred over surgical repair or replacement as they are less painful.

Coronary artery bypass

This open heart surgery which use arteries or veins to bypass the diseased coronaries. It can be done either on pump or veins off pump.

Non invasive procedures

Non invasive procedures available at Primus Hospital include ECG, 2D and 3D echocardiography, exercise stress Echo, dobutamine stress echo treadmill testing, 24 hours holter monitoring contrast echocardiography, Transesophageal, echocardiography. Experienced and skilled technicians and staff make the patients undergo the tests smoothly.

Why Choose Primus

Having a Primus heart specialist manage your care gives you access to the latest technology and treatments. Our ongoing collaboration to set nationally accepted treatment guidelines ensures you benefit from heart care that is backed by experience and results.

Superior Heart Care Outcomes

Studies show that major medical centers like ours that treat high volumes of patients achieve better results -- including fewer complications, faster recovery, and better long-term survival rates.

Lifesaving Initiatives for Heart Attack

Our efforts to improve cardiac care include an emergency response protocol for heart attack that ensures patients receive lifesaving treatment to restore blood flow as quickly as possible. As a result, we’ve helped increase survival rates across the nation for the most serious form of heart attack.

High-Tech Heart Imaging

Imaging tests and minimally invasive procedures such as cardiac catheterization are the best way for you to get the right treatment at the right time and the best possible outcome. Only large heart centers like Primus have the most up-to-date technology and credentialed, certified heart specialists who make treatment recommendations based on what they see.

Heart Specialists and Surgery Doctors

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