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Dr. Asmita Jain

Sr. Consultant Oncologist & Radiation Therapist

Dr. Asmita Jain is Sr. Consultant in Oncology Department in Primus Super Speciality Hospital. An active participant in oncology related educational activities including dissemination of information & training activities in Oncology.Interests are in the management of Lung Cancer, Breast cancer, Colorectal cancers, Genitourinary cancers including Cervical cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Kidney cancer, Bladder cancer, Prostate cancer and Sarcomas.

I love seeing people who are sick start to feel better, and I love being able to put a Smile on their faces.
– Dr. Asmita Jain MBBS, MD

  • MBBS (December 2001), S.N. Medical College, Agra.
  • Internship completed (Jan2002- Dec2002) , S.N. Medical College, Agra.
  • MD (Radiotherapy/Radiation Oncology) ( May 2003-May2006) - GSVM Medical college, Kanpur
  • Over 15 years
  • Consultant Oncologist & Radiation Therapist, at Adesh Charitable Cancer Hospital, Kotkapura road, Muktsar-152 026, from May 2006 to July 2007.
  • Senior Resident and later Clinical Oncology Incharge (25-10-2007 to 25-05-2019): at Delhi State Cancer Institute,
  • Senior Consultant Medical Oncologist (11/11/2019 to till date ) at Primus Superspeciality Hospital, Chanakayapuri.
  • Breast Carcinoma
  • Lung Carcinoma
  • Genitourinary Malignancies
  • Gynaecological Malignancies
  • Life member of Association Of Radiation Oncologists of India Membership No LM 2853
  • Fellowship in Advanced Radiation Techniques., Manipal Hospital
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  • Radiotherapy
  • Operational command over various Radiotherapy equipments and conversant with different procedure of diagnosis, planning, patient immobilization and radiation treatment.
  • Well Versed with modern Radiotherapy Techniques. IMRT, IGRT, Rapid-Arc, SBRT,3D BRACHYTHERAPHY, Etc.
  • Teletherapy Equipment:
  • Phoenix.
  • Theratron 780E.
  • Siemens Primus Mid-6 MV Photon + 5-14 Mev Electron for conventional treatment.
  • Varian Clinac 600C-Single Energy Photon(6MV)
  • Millennium MLC-1cm leaf width @isocentre, Portal imaging for 3 D CRT & IMRT.
  • Varian True Beam and RapidArc Technology.
  • Siemens Oncor Expression:
  • Dual Energy(6 &18 MV Photon) + Electron (6-21Mev)
  • MLC-82 leaf 1cm width @ isocentre
  • CBCT with M vision
  • Gated Therapy using ANZAI respiratory belt.
  • Varin true beam and RapidArc Technology.
  • Brachytherapy:
  • Manual After loading Intracavitatory Brachytherapy (Amersham &Brit).
  • Remote After loading LDR/MDR Selectron.
  • Varian Varisource HDR System
  • Simulator:
  • Shimadzu SAT10
  • Simulator CT-Nucletron Simulator HQ
  • CT Simulator -128 Slice Somatom definition AS+-4DCT
  • Treatment planning system:
  • TSG-Radplan
  • Asha 3D TPS for conventional planning.
  • Siemens Konrad TPS for IMRT planning
  • Brain Lab TPS(Brain Scan) older for SRS & SRT planning
  • Varian Eclipse treatment Planning Software
  • Monacco Treatment planning system .
  • Mould Room and Patient Immobilization:
  • POP Cast
  • Thermoplastic Cast-Orifit
  • Styrofoam cutter for Customized Blocks
  • Medical Physics Equipment: Radiation Survey and Dosimetry Equipment
  • Chemotherapy: Extensive experience of above 15 years in Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy for all sorts of solid tumors like- thoracic tumors, breast cancer , and head and neck cancer, gynecological tumors, neuro endocrine tumors, soft tissue sarcoma, lymphoma etc. Various forms of hormonal therapy for Breast cancer, Ca Prostate.