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India today is a favored location for childless couples looking for infertility treatment from across the world. The cost of treatment here is much lesser in comparison to rest of world, however low cost does not mean compromised quality of treatment. The doctors here are equally qualified & the drugs available here are manufactured by the best of the companies. The Clinical facilities in India have high standards. Affordable surrogacy is the most favored option in India.

However we advise you to beware of falling in trap of so called coordinators who can assure you of planning your medical tour & lead you towards much of inconvenience.

How to reach us:

Primus Hospital is located in the heart of New Delhi. The area of Chanakyapuri is located in the most posh area of South Delhi. The area is located in the most well maintained area, well surrounded by embassies of most countries the world over. South Delhi is the administrative heart of Delhi. The place is very well connected by the renowned Metro rail and by road as well. The centre needs no introduction & can be reached conveniently by taxi or Auto-Rickshaw. There are a number of ‘Radio-Taxies’ available which are safe & very responsive.

Why Choose Primus
We Offer Affordable Infertility Treatment Options

We routinely recommend the least expensive, least invasive treatment options available including IVF.

We Offer Options for Every Person

We help everyone who wants to grow their family. We tailor our recommendations to your needs.

We Have a Comprehensive Stress Reduction Program

Fertility diagnosis and treatment is often emotionally draining. To address the stress, our clinical psychologist provides individual and couple support and therapy. We are also available for consultations if you need support deciding which path to take, or if you and your partner are not in agreement about the next steps.

You May Benefit from our Expertise

We identify targeted strategies and tools that help you cope and feel better while you are trying to conceive.

Our High-Tech Clinic Is Built for Comfort

Our ultra-sterile in vitro fertilization (IVF) laboratory is designed to maintain air of the highest quality. A sophisticated positive pressure filtration system eliminates airborne toxins and pathogens that can impede the chances of a successful pregnancy after IVF.

Fertility and IVF Doctors

Dr. Nisha Ohri

Senior Consultant Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
OPD Timings
Monday - Saturday
9 A.M to 5 P.M
Frequently Asked Questions:
What is Infertility?

Infertility is the inability to conceive after one year of unprotected intercourse or the inability to carry a pregnancy to term. This definition is reduced to six months for women over 35, those with a history of painful periods, irregular cycles, pelvic inflammatory disease and miscarriages, and couples who know that the male partner has a low sperm count.

Is infertility primarily a women’s health issue?

Not at all. For almost half of infertile couples, the cause is related to the male partner (either alone or in addition to a female factor). When couples have fertility concerns, we recommend that both the male and female partner have full consultations in order to determine the most effective treatment approach.

What kinds of tests can I expect if I come in for a consultation?

Normally we perform three tests when a couple schedules an initial consultation. For the female partner a blood test can determine whether hormones are in the correct balance and an examination of the pelvic cavity can determine whether there are any physical impediments to fertility. For the male partner, a semen analysis can show whether there are issues with sperm. We will also review each partners medical, surgical and family history and answer any questions you may have.

What treatments are available?

There are a wide range of treatments available for infertility, depending on the cause or causes. These include medications, surgery to correct physical blockages and advanced therapies like in vitro fertilization. Please see the How We Can Help section for detailed information or contact IRIMC for answers to your specific questions.

Is getting IVF treatment very expensive?

No. unlike the general perception, IVF procedure could start from 9000/ Rupees & could go upto a few lakhs. However what is important is a correct diagnosis & customized treatment to suit the patient’s very specific need. At our IVF centre, we go into complete details before recommending & initiating the treatment with complete transparency.

We have a active sex life. However we are still not able to conceive. What could be the reason?

Infertility has nothing to do with an active sex life. There are a lot of couples who face the same situation. The causes for Infertility could be many. A correct diagnosis with a specialist, who is able to give you adequate time & understand your situation to customize your treatment plan, is important. We encounter several such couples in our day to day practice and we encourage them to discuss all issues with bother them

Preparing For Your Visit