International Patients - Why Primus?
Best Multi Speciality Hospital in New Delhi
Where you receive your care matters. Primus Hospital is proud of our team and the exceptional care they provide.
Dedicated and Personailzed Management from your Entry to Exit 24X7

When a patient travels from abroad, he wishes for smooth functioning of his treatment, and we at Primus, take every step necessary towards making their stay a memorable one. Our department of international patient services works towards providing them with seamless services with focus on individual patient’s needs. 

Our department works towards providing seamless services with focus on individual patient’s needs. We impart the highest quality health care for patients from all across the globe. We make every effort to assist them at all the phases i.e. before you arrive, during your stay & after your discharge. 

  • Location: Primus is located in the heart of the city of Delhi, in the serene and tranquil environment of the diplomatic area. Any assistance required for embassy patient care is situated next door.
  • International Standard Treatment: Primus follows international medical standards in delivery of its services. It is accreditated by National Accreditation Board for Hospital. 
  • Highly qualified and reputable specialists and surgeons: Led by a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced doctors from the best medical colleges, from across the country, Primus pioneers in ethical practice and best quality care. 
  • We are registered with “Fit to Fly” under Ethiopian Airlines.
  • Cost Advantage: The medical cost for few of the major surgeries at Primus is one-tenth of the costs in Western countries. We also accept International insurance. 
  • Accommodation: We also arrange for the entire pick up and drop facility, along with the accommodation ranging from USD 20 to USD 100, depending upon individual needs
  • Infrastructure: Primus has state of the art infrastructure, with latest technologies supported by academic brains.

How is Primus Different?
Renowned & Qualified Doctors

The doctors and specialists at Primus are all highly qualified with expertise in their respective backgrounds. Each department is led by a renowned super-specialist with clinical expertise and years of expertise in clinical care. Our doctors work together as a team providing the bestest quality of patient care in a patient friendly environment, with their primary aim being healing the patient and his speedy recovery.

Qualified Clinical Team

Our team of doctors are pioneers in their field, high standard of medical ethics and committed towards patient well-being and safety

Years of Expertise

Highly qualified and experienced doctors from the best medical colleges, from across the country, covering all the specialities to cater to all the health care needs

Focused on innovation

Our doctors are masters in innovation and procedures and have many research publications in international and national medical journals

Use of Latest Technologies

Primus has some of the most cutting-edge technology in the world. We are one of the few centres globally that has this much advanced medical equipment and technology

State of Art Technology

Primus offers state of art technology for the treatment of patient along with focus on safety

Remarkable Patient Experience

The use of latest technologies not only reduces the recovery time but lead to faster patient recovery. The patients leave the hospital with a sense of satisfaction along with a memorable experience

Focused on Research & Innovation

Our doctors are leaders in research and innovation and have pioneered innovative surgical procedures and have participated in award-winning research publications in international medical journals.

Greater precision and safety

Primus offers highest levels of precision in the use of technology for patient treatments

A more comfortable patient experience

Use of latest technologies greatly reduces recovery time and leads to better patient outcomes at Primus.

Array of Services

We offer customized treatment plans for our patients