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Early Detection of Kidney Cancer: How to recognize the first signs?

Cancer’ is the dreaded word that can turn anyone’s world upside down. Not just the patients themselves, cancer can be life-changing for everyone around them. But thanks to the progress of modern medicine, cancer should not be so scary anymore. Although a total cure has not been discovered until now, early detection of any kind of cancer can mean a remission and a longer, healthier life for the patient.

As long as urological cancers are considered, kidney cancer is called the silent killer as the symptoms are not so visible in the early stages. Kidney cancer is also quite rare when compared to other types of cancers. When detected in the earliest stages, this can be almost entirely cured with effective Kidney Cancer Treatment options in Delhi, and the patients can get back to their normal routine faster. But the not so prominent symptoms associated with the disease makes it hard to detect.

Who is at risk?
Although most of the times the exact cause of kidney cancer cannot be determined, it is more prevalent in people over the age of 60. Apart from that, there are few factors that may put you at risk of developing kidney cancer.
•  Smoking cigarettes do not only make you vulnerable to lung cancer, but it also increases the risk of kidney cancer.
•  Obese people are more prone to developing kidney cancer.
•  You will be at an increased risk of kidney cancer if you are suffering from high blood pressure.
•  People suffering from chronic kidney disease and undergoing dialysis for a long time may develop kidney cancer.
•  If you have a family history of the disease you are at an increased risk of developing kidney cancer.
•  Kidney cancer is more common among older males, rather than females.

How to spot the early signs of kidney cancer?
In the early stages, kidney cancer produces almost no visible symptom or extremely subtle symptoms that can be easily missed by the patient. Most of the symptoms produced by kidney cancer are visible when the disease has advanced already, thus making early detection difficult. Most people are diagnosed during routine tests for some other conditions. However, you can keep a close eye on some of the signs mentioned below and contact your physician if you experience any of them.

•  Blood in the urine is an important symptom of kidney cancer. But it can be the symptom of other diseases like kidney stones or urinary tract infections as well. Sometimes bladder cancer produces the same symptom too. So always consult your Urologist immediately if you start experiencing this symptom. There are plenty of Bladder Cancer Treatment specialists in Delhi to consult with.
•  A persisting pain in lower back or side.
•  If you can feel any growth near your abdomen or side back or lower back.
•  A persisting fever.
•  Night sweats and fatigue.
•  An overall sensation of being sick that does not go away.
•  Sudden weight loss without exercising or dieting.
•  Swelling of ankles.
It is important to remember that any of these symptoms do not always mean you are suffering from kidney cancer. Many other diseases also produce the same symptoms. Once you contact your Urologist you will be advised to undergo all the necessary tests to determine your exact ailment.

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