Primus Infrastructure And Team




The hospital complies with international guidelines and follows the International Patient Service Protocols. The infection control norms will ensure the highest standards of healthcare and patient safety. Our aim is to bring the best of Medical practices worldwide to India and deliver them in an open, warm and patient centric atmosphere.

img At primus we have

Modular seamless operation theatres
OT's with laminar air flow and laminar shields
1.5 Tesla MRI
64 slice spiral and cardiac CT Scan
Bone densitometry
VIP suits
ICU/CCU backup

img Out-Patient Department (OPD)

You could contact our front desk at telephone number: +911 6620 6620, 6620 6630, 6620 6640 for any assistance regarding our services and appointments. We assure 100% confidentiality, efficiency and care for every precious call you make to our hospital.

img Emergency service

At PRIMUS Super Speciality Hospital, emergency handling has been exclusively programmed to avoid wastage of time. Separate entrance for emergency patients, outpatients and inpatients avoids crowd and resultant confusion. The "24 hours PRIMUS Emergency Services" includes fully equipped Resuscitation Room with ventilators, central venous catheters, defibrillators, Radiology Department equipped to handle all emergencies, special ICU with four world class operation theatres with the most modern equipment.

The moment an accident or trauma patient arrives, he/she is rushed to the Resuscitation Room. Once the patient is stabilized, he/she is taken to the adjacent wash room for removal of all traces of dirt and infection and subsequently brought back to the Resuscitation Room for examination, diagnosis and treatment. Depending on the degree of injury sustained, action is taken without any loss of time. A patient with minor injuries is moved to the suture room; once that requires careful monitoring is moved to the ICU and those in need of critical surgeries are shifted to the fully equipped Emergency Operation Theatre for immediate treatment.

img Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

PRIMUS boasts of 18 bedded fully equipped ICU with each bed having advanced invasive and non-invasive monitoring with a six bedded HDU (high dependency unit) attached to ICU. The ICU has the facility of central monitoring situated at nurses work station.

The ICU is equipped with advanced ventilators (Nellcor Puritan Bennett) to ventilate critically ill patients (adult as well as pediatric patients), Defibrillators, Central Oxygen supply, central suction, resuscitation equipments, motorized multiposition beds, air mattresses (to prevent bed sores in bed ridden patients), bedside echocardiography and life saving and emergency drugs.

The ICU is looked after by a qualified and dedicated team of anaesthesiologists and intesivists who provide round the clock care to the patients with a human touch. Team of specialists support includes cardiologists, nephrologists, urologist, neurologist and neurosurgeon present on call, should the need arise. World class nursing care is provided by a team of well qualified and trained nurses and other paramedical staff.

img Wards / room

PRIMUS is certified for its hospital services thereby assuring you world class facility during your period of stay at the hospital. If solitude is bliss to a healthy human being, it is an inevitable necessity for an ailing patient. PRIMUS has taken great care in designing each room with keeping in mind the space and privacy which every patient longs for when away from home. Extreme attention has been paid towards the training of the staff to provide compassionate and sympathetic care for each patient.

Complete interiors and facilities for every room in this 150 bedded hospital have been designed without any distinction of class so that patients from every walk of life share the same comforts.

The deluxe rooms are replete with all facilities like TV, Telephone, Internet, refrigerator, newspapers and magazines. Adequate forethought has ensured that apart from the facilities available within the room, commensurate ease is experienced in reaching out to medical help if the situation so demands. Hence, each floor has a desk staffed by trained, dedicated nurses, attendants and full-time doctors.

The food and beverage department takes utmost care in scheduling your diet which has been designed by our expert nutritionist of dietetics department. The hospital is meticulously cleaned frequently throughout the day and hence eliminating any chances of infection.

img Diagnostic Pathology

The department of Laboratory Medicine is open 24 hrs. a day every day of the year. It is a high tech lab that has fully automated instruments which are directly interfaced with the hospital information System and Laboratory Information System.

The Laboratory comprises of departments for Biochemistry, Haematology, Serology, Microbiology, Electrophoresis, Histopathology, Cytology and Clinical Pathology.

img Diagnostics

We at Primus laid a great emphasis on the 3 following factors before installation of each and every piece of equipment for the diagnostic centre. The latest state of the art equipment which could facilitate finest diagnostic details.

Minimize any radiations exposure both to the patient as well as the technical staff involved.

Provide instant analysis of the results with complete time efficiency.

img Primus Team

Primus Super Speciality Hospital is a treasury of medical knowledge, where each day our outstanding staff delivers the highest-quality, highest-value care to our patients.

What sets Primus hospital apart? The answer is simple, our teamwork and our long-standing commitment to excellence. We feel our people — and their approach to patient care — distinguish Primus hospital.

Our panel of highly skilled Medical professional gear up to make the best use of technology and infrastructure, so as to deliver world-class healthcare. Our joint replacement division is headed by Prof. Surya Bhan, an international name in the field of joint replacement surgery. He has been former head of the department of Orthopedics at AIIMS, New Delhi. He has performed many joint replacements so far including complex revision joint replacements, unicondylar knee replacements, minimally invasive hip and knee replacement.

Brig (Retd) Dr R K Sharma VSM,MD is the Director & Hod of Institute Of Reproductive Medicine & Ivf Centre at Primus Super Speciality Hospital. And is one of the most competent IVF Specialist in the country. Dr. Sharma has been instrumental in forming several new & customized protocols in the field of IVF, which are acknowledged & used across the country. It is for this reason that he is valued as the end point of infertility management far across.

Dr Sumit Mrig is our young dedicated ENT & head & neck cancer surgeon with special training in the field of cochlear implantation. He has pioneered the technique of Binaural Cochlear Implantation in India & his team did India’s first & successful true Binaural Cochlear Implantation at Primus Hospital, Delhi.

Dr K K Chaudhary an excellent Neurosurgeon for both adult and pediatric cranial and spinal disease. He has been successfully treating patients with Brain Tumors, Brain Hemorrhage, hydrocephalus, head injuries, spinal tumors and performs flawless Spinal Fixation and Neuro-endoscopy. Dr Chaudhary is also a visiting Fellow in Neurosurgery at National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery London and a visiting Neurosurgeon at Kings College Hospital London.

Dr Harsh Kapoor is heads the Primus Digestive and Hepatobilliary Center . As the Chairman of the Institute of Digestive and Hepatobilliary Sciences at Primus Group of Super Special Hospitals, Dr. Harsh Kapoor personally assures kind, ethical and highly professional services/care to all his patients

Dr Tanmay Pandey sr consultant nephrology and Dr MS Jha Sr consultant Renal transplant together team up and perform renal transplant surgery. Dr. Pandya is an alumnus of the prestigious institute of Kidney Disease and Research Center, Ahmadabad. Always a top performer, Dr.Pandya was awarded 5 Gold Medals on completion of MBBS from the M.S. University of Baroda, and Gold Medal in Nephrology from Gujarat University, Ahmadabad.

Dr M S Jha is dedicated to reconstructive urological surgery and has established excellence in the field of strictures , hypospadias , exstrophy surgery . being a senior urologist he has been credited for performing challenging and difficult surgeries.