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International Patient Testimonial


France President Visit:

France President Visit-Primus Hospital

Sani Umar Nigeria Says:

“Primus super specialty is a very good hospital that shows care and concern for both patient and the attendant. I really appreciate the effort that the staff puts in to calm down and reassure the patient , no matter how critical the condition is , before going into medical treatment and even during the treatment . This is not the first time I am visiting Primus Super Speciality Hospital. All my friends and relatives have been visiting Primus Hospital when ever need arises .. ….

I pay my regards to the international patient care team and all others. I appreciate all the kindness that has be showered on me.”

Ojeah Leonard Nigerian Says:

“The environment is friendly. There is transparency in the treatment given by the Doctors. The nurses are very friendly and helpful.Primus is a hospital with good standards and is well equipped.

Primus keep it up! Excellent!!”

Mulikat Amope Kazeen Baghdad – Iraq

“MY VIEW ABOUT Primus super specialty hospital

Pssh is a place to be when you talk of medical attention. The doctors here are the best not excluding the sisters ( nurses) and the cleaners . My Physiotherapy , Vijaya, became the best friend my mum could ever have .

My co- patients in the ward , were Indians and were very friendly to me.

What surprised me most was that , patient who underwent surgery were admitted for one or two days and were discharged , without any complication . PSSH is wonderful.

About my Mums Surgery

Her knee replacement surgery was successful, I give thanks to the Almighty Allah. She has been walking with aid of walker , only after 5 days of operation. This was wonderful and a surprise to me.

On behalf of all my family in Nigeria, my sincere appreciation goes to all the doctors – Dr Surya Bhan , others , nursing staff and the rest . They all are wonderful.”

Mrs Elshe H Feurisseur Says:

“After a three week holiday , just before departure , I made a misstep in my friends house , Dr S K Sharma and his wife , and broke my thigh .

An ambulance was called and I was brought to your hospital .

There , Dr Chetan Giroti and Dr Ishtiyaq took care of me and operated my difficult fracture. It is a wonder that I could get back in just one week. Also the financial situation was solved . Thanks to Mr Mohit.

It is due to the loving care of the personnel of the hospital that my recuperation went so smoothly.

I observed not even one note of disbalance, a friendly dietician, kind nurses and helpers around the bed , so careful in their way of being . My accident has been, in the end ; strangely enough a beautiful experience .

I remain in with great gratitude to you all.”

Fadairo Adebusuyi Nigerian Says:

“This is to say a very big thanks to the management and staff of the primus super specialty hospital both in Nigeria and New Delhi , India. The hospital is a modern one in terms of equipment and specialist and have high standard patient care services . The surgeons are very good, and the nurses are exceptionally caring. A Special Thanks To The Nephrologists In Person Dr Tanmay Pandya for his patience during my treatment and I also appreciate the assistance given by the international desk officer Mr Anurag Sharma. Primus has a wonderful staff. Continue with this kind of work and the sky will be your limit.

I had a wonderful time during my stay at the Primus Super Speciality Hospital and I am very happy with the kind of treatment given to me.God bless you all.”

Blessing Anietie Akpan Nigerian

“I like the Primus hospital reception area. I like the food too. The nurses are caring.

Thanks to Mr anurag for his love and care .

I thank Primus super specialty hospital for their perfect work. God bless the hospital and its team.”