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International Patient Testimonial


France President Visit:

France President Visit-Primus Hospital

Sani Umar Nigeria Says:

“Primus super specialty is a very good hospital that shows care and concern for both patient and the attendant. I really appreciate the effort that the staff puts in to calm down and reassure the patient , no matter how critical the condition is , before going into medical treatment and even during the treatment . This is not the first time I am visiting Primus Super Speciality Hospital. All my friends and relatives have been visiting Primus Hospital when ever need arises .. ….

I pay my regards to the international patient care team and all others. I appreciate all the kindness that has be showered on me.”

Ojeah Leonard Nigerian Says:

“The environment is friendly. There is transparency in the treatment given by the Doctors. The nurses are very friendly and helpful.Primus is a hospital with good standards and is well equipped.

Primus keep it up! Excellent!!”

Mulikat Amope Kazeen Baghdad – Iraq

“MY VIEW ABOUT Primus super specialty hospital

Pssh is a place to be when you talk of medical attention. The doctors here are the best not excluding the sisters ( nurses) and the cleaners . My Physiotherapy , Vijaya, became the best friend my mum could ever have .

My co- patients in the ward , were Indians and were very friendly to me.

What surprised me most was that , patient who underwent surgery were admitted for one or two days and were discharged , without any complication . PSSH is wonderful.

About my Mums Surgery

Her knee replacement surgery was successful, I give thanks to the Almighty Allah. She has been walking with aid of walker , only after 5 days of operation. This was wonderful and a surprise to me.

On behalf of all my family in Nigeria, my sincere appreciation goes to all the doctors – Dr Surya Bhan , others , nursing staff and the rest . They all are wonderful.”

Mrs Elshe H Feurisseur Says:

“After a three week holiday , just before departure , I made a misstep in my friends house , Dr S K Sharma and his wife , and broke my thigh .

An ambulance was called and I was brought to your hospital .

There , Dr Chetan Giroti and Dr Ishtiyaq took care of me and operated my difficult fracture. It is a wonder that I could get back in just one week. Also the financial situation was solved . Thanks to Mr Mohit.

It is due to the loving care of the personnel of the hospital that my recuperation went so smoothly.

I observed not even one note of disbalance, a friendly dietician, kind nurses and helpers around the bed , so careful in their way of being . My accident has been, in the end ; strangely enough a beautiful experience .

I remain in with great gratitude to you all.”

Fadairo Adebusuyi Nigerian Says:

“This is to say a very big thanks to the management and staff of the primus super specialty hospital both in Nigeria and New Delhi , India. The hospital is a modern one in terms of equipment and specialist and have high standard patient care services . The surgeons are very good, and the nurses are exceptionally caring. A Special Thanks To The Nephrologists In Person Dr Tanmay Pandya for his patience during my treatment and I also appreciate the assistance given by the international desk officer Mr Anurag Sharma. Primus has a wonderful staff. Continue with this kind of work and the sky will be your limit.

I had a wonderful time during my stay at the Primus Super Speciality Hospital and I am very happy with the kind of treatment given to me.God bless you all.”

Blessing Anietie Akpan Nigerian

“I like the Primus hospital reception area. I like the food too. The nurses are caring.

Thanks to Mr anurag for his love and care .

I thank Primus super specialty hospital for their perfect work. God bless the hospital and its team.”

Ms.Valentina Says

Ms.Valentina from Italy had some rough days during her visit as a tourist in India. She faced a health issue at Rishikesh and was immediately shifted to be treated under expert and personal care giving team of Primus Hospital,New Delhi.

Mrs.Mariam Says

Mrs.Mariam from Nigeria had to fly down to India, Primus Hospital for her daughter’s eye surgery, she was so impressed with the
service that she decided on getting her Bariatric surgery by Team Primus Hospital.

Mr.Nihal Says

Mr.Nihal Sevevirratne from Sri Lanka, had a satisfying and honoured stay at Primus hospital when he faced issues during his visit to New Delhi.
It is appreciation like this that motivates us to deliver our best always. Primus is happy to share yet another international client testimonial with you.


An operation was carried out (Bariatric) surgery on her. And it was successful. Attention very much grew to the patient in terms of services and encouragement from the International Department. When the stitches were removed, the points or operation were perfect. We hope to encourage others to visit the hospital in the Future.

Mr.Kingsley Says

Mr.Kingsley Othuke Ikede from Nigeria got his Bariatric surgery done by Team Primus Hospital.
Here are his few words appreciating the administration and facilities provided by Primus Hospital. These are the blessings Team Primus seeks always to serve better to the ones in need

Zhuxiaw Luaw Says

Such appreciative feedback always motivates us to offer best-in-class treatment. We are glad to deliver such a delightful experience to our patient Zhuxiaw Luaw

Dr.Ahmad Saboor Says

Dr.Ahmad Saboor from Afghanistan,At Primus Hospitals, we take extra steps to ensure the comfort and well-being of our patients. Kind words of appreciation like these act as the perfect dose of inspiration to continue to deliver our very best.

Mr.Jan Van Den Berge Says

Jan Van Den Berge from Netherlands Embassy,It is kind words of appreciation like these that drive us at Primus Hospital to provide quality treatments and comfortable stays to all our patients. Thank you, Jan Van Den Berge.

Mrs.Tizta Says

Our patient Tizita Muluget’s trust in our services inspires us to consistently deliver nothing but the best. Here he shares a few words about his experience at Primus Hospital, Delhi.

Mr.Deepak Says

Our patient from Kenya, Mr. Deepak underwent bariatric surgery and his life has completely changed since then. Deepak went from 128 kgs to a healthy 81 kgs. Here Deepak talks about his transformational weight loss, thanking Dr. Rajat Goel for his help and support