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How to prevent kidney stones?

Kidney stones can give you the worst kind of stomach ache you can come across. They can make you suffer for days and leave you drained out if you ignore them for long. Since prevention is always better than cure, let us suggest a few ways in which you can prevent kidney stones from happening in the first place.

• Drink lots of water-
To prevent kidney stones you must stay hydrated all the time. Drink at least 10 glasses of water every day to flush out the toxins from the kidney. Drinking less water produces less urine which in turn cannot dissolve the urine salts. Lesser urine output means these kidney salts will get deposited in the kidneys and form stones. This is why it is important to drink loads of water and fluids during the day to flush out these toxins that can form kidney stones. People who exercise or are involved in sports need to drink additional fluids. You should also drink lemon juice and orange juice as they help to prevent stones.

• Eat foods containing calcium-
Calcium oxalate is one commonly found kidney stone. These kinds of stones can form if you eat a calcium deficient diet. This is why you should eat more calcium rich foods. However, eating calcium supplements may increase the risk of having kidney stones. Include low fat milk, yoghurt and such calcium rich foods in your daily diet.

• Limit your sodium intake-
To prevent kidney stones it is also important to have not have foods too high on sodium. Having too salty foods prevents the calcium present in the urine from getting reabsorbed in blood. This leads to high accumulation of calcium in urine which later gives rise to kidney stones. Reducing sodium intake helps to keep calcium content in urine lower and thus the risk of having kidney stones too is reduced. You should mostly avoid food containing monosodium glutamate, canned or preserved foods and processed stuff like chips.

• Eat less protein-
Eating more animal protein is not good for kidney stone. These foods are highly acidic and increase chances of having calcium oxalate stones in the kidney. Limit your intake of red meat like mutton, pork and beef and also eat limited quantities of fish and chicken.

• Limit quantity of oxalate-rich foods-
Kidney stones are also formed by a compound called oxalate that binds with the calcium in the urine to form stones. Having foods rich in this natural compound may increase risks of having kidney stones. Eat foods like spinach, coffee, beet, sweet potatoes and soy products in limited quantity as they are rich in oxalate.

Treatment of kidney diseases:-

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