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24x7 Emergency : 8700087000

Preventive Health Checkup


General Instructions During your Primus Preventive Care (PPC) Checkup

One of the PPC coordinators will be there with you for your support and assistance. Please feel free to clarify any doubts that you might have by contacting the PPC help desk 24hrs on all the days of the week.
We request you to please report 15 minutes prior to your appointed time, at the Primus Preventive Care (PPC) lounge. The longe in situated in the Diagnostic Block on the Ground Floor.

Please bring all your previous medical records and filled questionnaire sheet. You are requested to have your dinner early, on the night prior to your appointed date. Please avoid alcohol and fatty foods on the day prior to your check up. Please do not have anything except plain water (no tea, coffee, lime water etc) after midnight. Your fasting will continue till after your blood samples have been taken and your ultrasound scan completed. Specially designed clothes will be provided by us, for the duration of your check up. You will be required to remove neck chains, lockets or other valuables prior to your chest X-ray. It would be best if you could leave behind all jewellery, valuables etc. at home on the day of your health check. Please wear comfortable footwear since you be required to undergo a brisk walk, as a part of the Treamill Test (TMT) if indicated. Kits will be provided to you which will contain important leaflets and stool and urine containers. Please get your first morning urine & stool samples in the plastic containers that have been given to you. For the urine samples, it is recommended that a mid stream specimen is collected i.e. start to pass urine (do not collect the initial flow), midway through the avoiding stop passing urine and collect the sample in the container. A3/4 full container is sufficient for the test. It is necessary that you have a full bladder at the time of presentation to the PPC lounge. A strong urge to void urine implies a full bladder. May we suggest that you collect your stool and urine samples early in the morning. Following this, we suggest that you consume 1 to 2 litres of water starting 1 hour prior to your appointment time. This will ensure that you have a full bladder in time for your ultrasound scan.
If you use contact lenses, you are advised to discontinue use of your contact lenses 24 hours prior to your appointed date. Start use of your latest number spectacles. The eye specialist will need to evaluate your latest numbers spectacles, as well.

Brunch will be served to you after your fasting tests have been completed.

Advice relating to your current medication:

(a) If you are on any of the following Blood Pressure or cardiac medication(s), and are scheduled to undergo a treadmill test (TMT) as a part of your PPC, please stop taking the following. 2 Days prior to your appointed date for PPC: Atenolol Metolol Diltiazem Verapamil In case of any queries, it is suggested that you discontinue the medications in consultation with your own treating Doctor, If you require further clarification, the PPC staff will be pleased to arrange a conversation with a Doctor for you.
(b) Please do not take your morning dose of Insulin/other diabetes medications. Kindly carry them along with you and take them at the time of having your breakfast in the PPC Lounge.
(c) If you are scheduled for a bone density scan, please do not take any calcium supplement 1 day prior to your appointment date for PPC.