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Psychotherapy is a therapeutic interaction between a trained professional and the patient, family, couple, child or group to diagnose and treat mental, emotional and social problems. The purpose is to explore thoughts, feelings, and behaviours so that the individuals can solve problems and achieve higher level of functioning as well as increase the sense of his/her own well being.

The therapeutic environment provides a free and secure climate for the client to open up.

img Why Go For Psychotherapy

People go for psychotherapy because they feel/behave in a lost, stuck or confused manner. They either go themselves or are taken by their relatives for irrational behaviour, feelings, thoughts and perceptions.

When it becomes difficult to understand the ‘WHY’ for the outbursts of anger, feeling of depression, obsession with triviality or being afraid of anything and everything, a psychotherapist should be consulted.

People who feel worthless, useless, believe that they are hated, that no one likes or loves them and that no one cares for them need psychotherapy.

Behaviour wise: When individuals lose track of something in themselves they behave irrationally, for eg:

Ruin their life with drugs or alcohol
Keep washing their hands / keep checking doors or cupboard locks repetitively
Beat their partner (wife /girlfriend; husband/boyfriend) knowing that they love them, yet can’t stop themselves
Detach people with their arrogant and indifferent attitude, ruining their chances for social and professional success
See self destructive patterns in others but not in themselves
Get into sexual relationship one after the other, each time suffering abuse and insensitivity of their lover and swearing never to
   make that mistake again
Break into a cold sweat and have a racing heart
Are sick with fear when getting into an elevator/ moving into the darkness/being in closed spaces
Lost in unproductive, unsatisfying, self destructive patterns of feelings and behaviours.
Keep lying to hide their insecurities.
Adolescents who steal and get a high each time, usually feel good at the moment, but their behaviour gets them nowhere
   closer to what they want in life (they don’t admit aloud).
Insecure children who make others laugh, but within themselves yearn for appreciation from the teachers and friends (although
   they don’t speak it out aloud).

People know they are unhappy and are smart enough to understand that their behaviour isn’t working for them anymore, yet for some reasons they are unable to help themselves. Desires, needs and motives, even thoughts and perceptions lie out of awareness and influence their behaviours and feelings.


Recommended for people grappling with a life, relationship or work issue
For specific mental health concerns
Issues causing great deal of pain or stress
To overcome Depression, Anxiety and Panic attacks
To deal with Parent- Child issues – Behaviour, Aggression etc
Pre marital Counselling and Marital discords
To improve Focus, Concentration and Memory
To deal with Self Image Issues – Shame, Guilt, Lack of Confidence, Doubt etc
To deal with Ego problems, Inferiority complex, Insecurity
To overcome Anger, Fear, Phobia, Hatred, Jealousy
To overcome Self Pity – ‘WHY ME’ thought pattern
To overcome Dissatisfaction and Unhappiness
To overcome Fault finding, Cribbing and Constant complaining
To overcome thoughts/patterns leading to Suicidal tendencies
To get sound, peaceful and rested sleep
To overcome sadness
To enjoy and do tasks/work at home/office/work place with enthusiasm
To reduce Aches and Pains of unknown origin
To get rid of Addictions
Patients with Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Respiratory disorders, Cancer, Kidney problems, Skin allergies, Digestive disorders – 1
   out of every 3 patients suffers from depression that unfortunately goes undiagnosed and untreated
Counselling is a must for Pregnant ladies to stay happy and cheerful
Post delivery - to overcome depression

CHRONIC STRESS gets in the way of good sleep; healthy eating, quality relationship and physical well being.... GET IT TREATED.


Emotional Release Therapy : This is an extremely helpful therapy to release emotions that bother individuals and come in the way of their work, relationship, health, financial growth etc. In this therapy, emotions that get settled and work in a subtle way unknowingly as obstacles, get released, however old the issue might be. This therapy works amazingly well for patients with depression, anxiety, aches and pains and for people who feel pushed against the wall.

Music Therapies: Scientific music therapies to balance the various brain waves and bring in relaxation are used. These are age specific. Depending upon the condition of the client, music is selected by the professional. This therapy may be as short as five minutes to as long as one hour. Generally it is used in combination with other therapies.

Energy Exercises: These are done to align the body’s energies and also to boost health and vitality. They help to cope better with day to day challenges present in today’s world. They help in correcting energy imbalances by stimulating specific “energy points”. Disturbed energies precede illness in the physical body, and it is possible to correct energy imbalances before they coagulate into illness. Maintaining a powerful energy field is a powerful strategy for maintaining health and preventing illness. Energy exercises engage the energy systems within the body, this helps in improving health and turning an illness around.

Regeneration and Rejuvenation: Mind generated wave form energies are used to communicate with the cells of the body. This technique helps open up to the inner power to effect real physical results. Conscious mental focussing is done to get the desired results. This is Bio informative technology. This regeneration process is a part of the overall aim to achieve wholeness in who we truly are: Magnificent powerful spirit, Joyous heart, clear mind with a healthy youthful body. In this we access the knowledge and power of the third eye, pineal gland, meridians, multidimensional DNA, universal calibration lattice, electromagnetic fields, informational fields, healing intentions, meditation and heart opening to realign, heal, restore and maintain our wholeness.

Limitation Release : The purpose of this therapy is to create a world of consciousness and oneness. Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing. The target is to get an individual to the point where he/she receives from beginning the awareness of everything, with no judgment of anything. Consciousness is the ability to be present in your life in every moment, without judgment of you or anyone else. It is the ability to receive everything, reject nothing, and create everything you desire in life - greater than what you currently have, and more than what you can imagine. This improves sleeping, clarity, calmness, inner peace, depression, frustration, sadness and anxiety.

Soul Search: This therapy heals the lives of people and connects them with their inner power. Many a times, even though we wish to be in control, we realize that we have no control over situations and people who come in to our lives, this happens because of the beliefs that we hold in our subconscious mind. We fail to understand why things are happening the way they are. In fact every effort made to stay in a positive frame of mind, proves futile. Those beliefs held in the subconscious thus become a hindrance in the growth of an individual. These beliefs then create blocks in understanding ourselves, understanding people around us, dealing with situations and lead to physical ailments. The individuals’ relationship with his/her colleagues, career gets affected and their downfall begins on the financial side too. Through this therapy all those beliefs that have no purpose or come up as obstacles are released. This therapy resolves immediate concerns and balances the energies of a person and makes him/her more positive towards life. This therapy reprograms the subconscious mind in a positive manner.

The focus of treatment is not symptom relief but to increase Contentment, Power, Freedom, Happiness – Realize one’s true potential.... all in all bring in ‘Awareness’.




Medical Treatment

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Emergency Help

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First Aid

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  • Colonoscopy $250
  • Gastroscopy $235
  • Allergy testing $135
  • Cardiac CT scan $575
  • Paratryroid scan $321
  • Gastroscopy $213


  • Colonoscopy $250
  • Gastroscopy $235
  • Allergy testing $135
  • CT scan $575
  • Allergy testing $231
  • Dental Lorem $123


  • Colonoscopy $250
  • Gastroscopy $235
  • Allergy testing $135
  • CT scan $575

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