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The Truth About Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery – No Fear, Help Is Here

If you are someone who is deathly scared of knives, you surely arenot too keen on having someone slice open your chest to perform surgery on.
But what do you do when the Best heart centre consultants in Delhi advise you for heart surgery, especially when there are serious issues like blocked arteries?
Well, the answer lies in minimally invasive heart surgery.

Okay, so what is minimally invasive heart surgery?
Minimally invasive heart surgery, from top cardiac surgery hospital experts in Delhi, is a procedure your heart is operated on, using several smaller incisions on the sides of your chest, rather than splitting it open from the middle of your chest. It does not cut through your breastbone, instead, it operates between your ribs. This is a far less painful procedure than a bypass or open heart surgery, and also lets you get back up on your feet much faster.

Minimally invasive heart surgery is usually used to treat the following heart conditions broadly:
• Repair of heart valves
• Atrial fibrillation (a condition where the upper chambers of the heart quiver involuntarily)
• Mitral valve prolapse (blood flow to and from the heart becomes irregular)

If this sounds good, then let us take a look at some of its benefits.

Benefits of this procedure
•  This procedure allows patients to recover faster. Patients can get back on their feet after only two to three weeks of staying at the hospital.
•  Since the surgery does not cut into the breastbone of the patient, there are fewer chances of post-surgical complications cropping up.
•  The Best Invasive Cardiology Hospital recommends minimally invasive techniques in Delhi because it is far less painful. You’ll only have a few small nicks on the sides of your chest that’s all.
•  It needs less blood transfusion. This is a huge benefit of this procedure because it eliminates the crisis that can arise from a shortage of blood or any other complications that can come with blood transfusion.
•  You’ll also end up with lesser scars. Maybe some two inch cuts on the sides of your chest, instead of a six-inch scar down the middle of it.

Can YOU get minimally invasive heart surgery?

Minimally invasive heart surgery is not meant for everyone.
You may have some serious health complications or issues with the heart that can only be solved using open heart surgery. While such conditions are few, they do exist. It is up to your doctor to decide whether your current health condition qualifies for minimally invasive heart surgery, or not.
But in this age, most Cardiac Surgery Hospitals today in Delhi are opting for minimally invasive heart surgery. Mainly because this minimally invasive technique is a quick and largely painless procedure. Your heart will be fixed in a matter of minutes. With open heart surgery, you may have to stay on the operating table for hours- it’s definitely a long and highly complex process.

Primus Hospital- the best place to get minimally invasive heart surgery

At Primus Super Speciality Hospital, “care is more than a word”. The best invasive cardiology hospitalfor you in Delhi, it has skilled and efficient doctors, as well as superbly advanced technology that makes heart surgery a simple and uncomplicated process. The doctors are concerned with the patient’s welfare and work tirelessly to ensure that the patient recovers quicker and better.

So, contact Primus Super Speciality Hospital- the best heart institute for advanced heart treatment in Delhi – if you want your heart to be taken special care of.

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