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Why Choose Primus Hospital?

More Than 1,000 Joint Replacement Surgeries

Collectively, our Best Joint Replacement Surgeons in Delhi have performed more than 1,000 joint replacement surgeries in a two-year span. Many of our board-certified orthopaedic surgeons are fellowship-trained in joint replacement surgery and perform joint-specific replacement surgery exclusively.

Expertise, High-Volume Center

Our expertise and high volume allow us to manage routine and complex surgeries effectively. In fact, we often treat people who have been turned down at other centers or need correction (revision) of a joint replacement surgery performed elsewhere.

Latest Joint Replacement Innovations

Our joint replacement surgeons are constantly testing and developing new procedures and artificial joints. Whether for your ankle, shoulder, hip, knee, or wrist, we constantly strive to make joint replacements work better and last longer.

Best joint replacement surgeon in Delhi
Best knee replacement surgeon in Delhi Ncr

Joint Replacement Surgery

The Best Joint Replacement Hospital in Delhi has been offering excellent patient care services and a wide range of treatment options such as implantation of patient-specific devices, Advanced Joint Replacement Surgery and Minimally Invasive Anterior Hip Replacement.

Center for Joint Replacement at Primus is among the leading joint replacement programs in the nation, and is recognized for efficiency in delivering knee and hip replacement care.

  • There is a dedicated and well qualified team that provides excellent pre, intra and post-operative care.
  • We have experienced and dedicated consultants along with a team of qualified para-medical staff for managing patients.
  • Our team of doctors is supported by highly experienced physiotherapists and occupational therapist that provide full support to patients and help them recover fast.
  • Facilities for chondrocyte culture and meniscal transplant also exist for young arthritic individuals.
Super Speciality

  • Primus Super Speciality Hospital provides patients with the region’s best Orthopaedic specialists, offering diagnosis, treatment, surgical services and rehabilitation to the highest level.

  • Our state-of-the-art treatment, including educational, support and rehabilitation services, leads to faster recovery and better prognosis.
Arthroplasty Can Improve

Arthroplasty Can Improve How You Move and Live

Primus orthopaedic surgeons perform thousands of arthroplasty procedures annually to restore function and reduce pain caused by diseased or damaged hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, or wrist joints. We rely on the latest surgical approaches, including minimally invasive techniques, pain management advances, and physical therapy to get you back to your daily activities faster and with less pain. Our use of the newest, longer-lasting artificial joints reduces your risk for additional surgery down the road.

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  • Hand and Wrist Conditions
  • Hip Replacement Surgery
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A smooth, slippery, fibrous connective tissue called articular cartilage acts as a protective cushion between bones inside the joints. Arthritis develops as the cartilage begins to deteriorate or because of wear and tear as part of aging or because of disease like Rheumatoid arthritis. As the articular cartilage is lost, joint space between the bones become narrow. This is an early sign of arthritis and can easily be detected using an X-Rays. Slowly over time the bone ends rub against each other and starts to wear away. This results in progressive pain and shortening. Normal activities like walking and running becomes painful and difficult.

Common arthritis symptoms include pain, stiffness, and some loss of joint motion, deformity, limp and shortening of limb

Primary osteoarthritis typically affects people over 50 years of age and above, but nowadays it is commonly seen at younger ages also.

It is more common in persons who are overweight or obese, or suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis or Ankylosing spondylitis. In some patients arthritis tends to run in families and can be genetic.

Other factors that can contribute to developing arthritis include injuries (Acetabulum fracture or after fracture neck of femur), developmental abnormalities like dysplastic hip and Perthe’s disease

Conservative treatment does not play a significant role in management of hip arthritis, once it has set in.

Initial treatment includes medications for pain relief, weight control and physical therapy.

If other options don’t work to produce satisfactory response, one should consider hip replacement.

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What is The Success rate of a root canel?

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