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Direct Arthrography and its successful implementation

Arthrography is a common practice to evaluate the conditions of joints. They are implemented in two forms Direct and Indirect. Direct arthrography, is a medical technique where the contrast material is injected directly into the joints whereas in case of indirect arthrography, the transmission is done internally with the blood stream and it eventually reaches […]

Primus Hospital

Kneel down the knee-pain with knee replacement surgery at Primus Hospital

Knee replacement surgery can be enormously helpful for relieving the pain and restoring function in extremely diseased knee-joints. The knee-replacement surgery is eminent with one more name i.e. knee arthroplasty. It can repair the damage done by osteoarthritis and few other inflammatory issues. Primus Hospital is the best knee replacement hospital in Delhi NCR as […]

Primus Hospital- Hip Surgery

Turn limping walk in to pain-free flexible movement with total hip replacement surgery at Primus Hospital

Human bones are the blue-print for the body that ensure proper stability and movement. Hip joints are extremely significant for retaining the body-balance. If hip has become damaged due to fracture, arthritis or due to any other condition then one may suffer pain to perform common activities for instance getting in or out of a […]

Infertility Treatment in Delhi

How can Primus Super Speciality Hospital be helpful against Infertility?

It’s said that the true worth of a woman’s life is fulfilled when she achieves the motherhood. However, there are certain unfortunate couples not blessed enough to become proud parents. It’s even unfortunate that the number of fertility issues is growing in contemporary times. As per research conducted by Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction, around […]

EK HI DIL HAI- Take care of your Heart-Primus Hospital

EK HI DIL HAI- Take care of your Heart

Heart is the most vital organ of the body. Our survival depends on our heartbeat. Stoppage of heart means end of life. Moreover, heart is only one in body unlike kidneys, lungs, eyes, ear etc. which are in pairs providing lot of reserve for sustenance of life. Therefore heart requires utmost care and any negligence […]

Breathless in Delhi-Primus Hospital

Breathless in Delhi

The story of environmental deterioration has been played out in Delhi for the past several years.  The situation seems to be going beyond control this year again, as air quality has worsened to ‘severe’ category. Every day, we wake up to see a thick blanket of haze surrounding the city. Pollution levels have crossed permissible […]